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How I Made $250,000 w/ PowerPoint Youtube Videos

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I've made serious money (over 250k) putting together simple PowerPoint Video presentations and turning them into YouTube videos! In fact, my most successful videos that drive regular affiliate commissions are all done in PowerPoint! In this video, I give 3 tips you should follow if you want to generate income online using Powerpoint. Amazon links: Yeti Microphone - Mic Pop Filter - Sound shield thingy - Here are some extra tips to create high quality YouTube videos out of simple powerpoint slides: Tip #1 - White background slides work best. Tip #2 - Each slide should have one image. Tip #3 - Each slide should only have 1-2 sentences of text displayed at most. You can talk for longer, but the actual text on your Powerpoint slides needs to be limited. Tip #4 - Spend no longer than 20 seconds per slide. Viewers get bored of static images if they appear too long. Tip #5 - Break your videos up with video clips. You can add these in post video as your B track. Lastly, if you really want to make money from your youtube videos, you should put extra effort into the following to generate views and traffic: 1) Promoting it through social media. Even a dozen of extra views is enough to jumpstart a video. 2) Consider buying PPC traffic and sending it straight to your video. I am a big fan of Bing Ads for this. You can also use Google's Adwords for Video platform. 3) Provide at least 300 words of written description underneath the video. This will help improve your Google and Youtube search traffic. I hope this video has been eye opening to you. Always remember this: As long as you give Google exactly what they want (content created with the end user in mind), the results will follow! Hope you enjoyed. -- Get My QuickStart Guide For Free -- How to Start a Lazy Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch: Like me on Facebook: Subscribe me on the YouTubes:

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How I Made $250,000 w/ PowerPoint Youtube Videos
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