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Tips And Trick Adsense Account Fully Approval

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I will show you how to get an approved adsense account in any country. how to create a blog/Website/Youtube and get approved for google adsense for earning money. You can earn money from YouTube Videos through the below explained three ways. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. YouTube Ads- Partner – YouTube Ads partnership is the real source for earning money from videos. BUT, they will display advertisements on your YouTube videos, only after an approval from both sides. Two things are mandatory for this approval: The first needed thing is, you must verify your YouTube channel and the second thing is your YouTube channel must have a video with 5000 views. Now, if you are qualified in both the above sections, apply now for YouTube Partnership. Usually, their review for new account partnerships will take around 1-2 weeks. If approved, they will request you to connect your bank account with YouTube Ads programme for sending money on a monthly basis. YouTube Ads Types i). Non-skippable in-stream YouTube ads Usually, you notice Non-skippable ads in YouTube Channel. Yes, these ads are appearing only because of content creator’s interest (Not YouTube). Non-skippable ads are approximately 15 or 20 seconds in length and the ads are sold on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand), means YouTube will pay you $3-$7 for 1000 views. ii). Skippable True View Ads As the name implies, ‘Skip Ad’ option allows the viewers to skip the ads after 30 seconds. The advertisers will pay, only if viewers watch the first thirty seconds ad (or) full ad. In this, case we can’t predict how much you can exactly earn from YouTube-Skippable ads. But, you can get an idea from Socialblade’s YouTube Money calculator Tool. Bruce Daisley, sales director at YouTube says that ‘True Video Ads’ in YouTube is the best source to earn higher revenue than ‘in-stream Ads.’ In the ‘In stream Ads’ there is no Skip-Ad option. In case, your viewer is not interested in Ads and found no-skippable ads option in your YouTube Video, then he will either close that page or Unsubscribe from your YouTube Channel, if that happens then it would be a loss to you. iii) Invideo/Overlay Ads The ad that is appears above the video control section is ‘In-Video/Overlay ads’. Advertiser will pay you, when someone click on that link. iv)Display Ads The ad that is appears on the top right side bar of the featured video page is called display ads. As like ‘InVideo’ You will get paid, if someone click on that link. YouTube Revenue Sharing System YouTube will take 40-43% of the revenue from advertisers and they will share the rest of the amount to the content creators. See the Image Below, this is approximate ads income that you can earn from YouTube Videos.

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Tips And Trick Adsense Account Fully Approval
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